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It wasn't that dagger: Some fans thought that Arya gave the dagger to Sansa at the beginning of the episode. After the wights proved unstoppable, Arya told Sansa to go down to the crypts and to take the dagger to protect herself. We only see the hilt and can assume it’s the Valyrian steel dagger. But Sansa flashes the dagger to Tyrion in the crypts as ...


Arya didn't give Sansa the catspaw dagger. The dagger that Arya gave Sansa was just an "ordinary" dragonglass dagger.


Evidently there's an indication that Yoren helped Arya because of a letter. Yoren says that someone has given him a letter regarding waiting at the Baelor so that he can take Lord Eddard into the Night's Watch... It was Varys (or his accomplice) who delivered the message to Yoren. In the novel when Eddard Stark was imprisoned Varys visited him. As we all ...

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