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"Trust in me" from The Jungle Book (2016) is not portrayed as a bad performance. I've not seen Sing (2016) but I assume at least one of the performances there is not intended to be bad.


She sings quite beautifully in the film "Her"


The song "The Best Man Lies" was included on The Friendly Indians' EP Tiny Badness, released in 2004. A version song was re-released as "I know, You know" in 2006 after it became popular as the show's theme song. Additional versions of the song were recorded for specific episodes of the show, sometimes using different performers.


MPAA ratings only make a statement about what one can expect from the theatrical release of a film. It's not intended to make any statement about media which is ancillary to the film, such as music videos, trailers, or television/book adaptations, any of which may or may not even exist at the time the film itself is rated. The fact that The Lion King has a ...

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