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Places like ISS or RJR Props (USA) and SugaVision (UK) made realistic movie props for use in industry and not for sale to the general public. See also this article in The props for Weeds were managed by Jode S. Mann and created in their art department. SugaVision also offers industrial hemp, which of course will look identical. Plants that look ...


What is Thanos's weapon called? As of now, a name hasn't been given to Thanos' weapon in the same sense that Thor's hammer has the name Mjolnir. So at least for now, we can only refer to Thanos' weapon using general terms, that being a double-bladed sword. I'm wondering what kind of weapon this is What we know so far Not only is the sword double-...


It's just a Double-edged sword It doesn't have an official name or specific names like Mjolnir or Stormbreaker.


I asked for information on this subject at the Trek BBS site: This is supposed to be a list of all shots of the Enterprise, specifying which of the models were used:


I can't find any information on the specific prop (source: These Are The Voyages: Vol 3 by Marc Cushman) but my understanding is that the shots of the Enterprise used in the opening credits, orbiting planets etc were done using a much larger model. The prop in question appears too small for close up work on film and was likely made for the episode or pre-...

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