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Why was Vicki Fowler briefly given an American accent?

The goal was to signify to audiences that she'd been living in the US, even down to giving her a professional voice coach to make her accent convincing. Eventually the producers just seem to have ...
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Unexpected Turn in Loki Season 2 Finale: The First Unseen Event by 'He Who Remains'

I believe the one thing Kang didn't see, or saw it and wanted it to happen, was Loki not fighting and undoing Sylvie's actions in the past, but finding a way to live and thrive with it in the future, ...
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Why does the Joker deliberately mislead Batman about hostage locations in "The Dark Knight"?

He is an agent of chaos, just upsetting things up or burning them down as he goes; in his own words, he is a dog who chases cars and won't know what to do if he catches it. He told Harvey he isn't a ...
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Are the Vogons based on English culture?

As I have argued elsewhere, Adams didn't particularly depict or satirise national stereotypes; his satire was social observation which happened to be written by a British author for a British audience....
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Are the Vogons based on English culture?

The wikipedia page gives many clues and references: The Vogons' behaviour turns out to be "full of very human—and specifically English—flaws and tendencies"1 to the point that Amanda Dillon ...
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Who is this actor/character in this "The Big Bang Theory" cast photo?

I found it shortly after posting. It's the character of Mitch, Stewart's girlfriend Denise's "creepy" roommate - played by Todd Giebenhain. I assume it was taken after the episode in which ...
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How Many Tattoos Does the Main Character in 'Memento' Have?

According to Shmoop, Leonard has 26 tattoos (I'm counting the 1st tattoo in their list as 2 separate tattoos). A related answer lists some of the tattoos, but not all of them. A social media post from ...
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Is this Wonka character's name a pun?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born Canadian-American inventor, scientist and engineer who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone....
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