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Roma is the story of Cleo through her eyes. I do think the earthquake and forest fire scenes symbolises her state of mind. It shows all the turmoil in her life and and that she doesn't have a bit control over them. However there's another aspect of the movie. Roma is basically the memoir of its director, Alfonso CuarĂ³n's own childhood and his city. He said ...


Those are great observations. The film definitely influenced All Through The Night and other Humphrey Bogart films, especially Casablanca. The way they use the map in Indiana Jones from Europe to Morocco is one, the market streets, Rick's club, etc. These are classic masterpieces, so a lot of directors use these as homages to the films.


Just want to add, the movie seems to strongly suggest that the Tethered are human. Red also mentions it during her final confrontation with Adelaide. What defines the Tethered, is the conditions in which they happen to have been born - or raised. Their limited access to resources, or level of education (that we, people from the Surface, would think is low or ...


The word tselina (no soft consonants as normal) means "celery" in Bulgarian. You don't need to look for metaphorical connections in other languages: given that we see this written on a greenhouse, it's pretty safe to assume that the only significance it has is to denote what's growing in there.


Those are North Korean words that are not familiar to South Koreans. Due to limited cultural exchange between the two halves, the language has diverged a bit.

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