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According to some theories, there has been an increase of "zombie" movies since 2001. This coincides with the "War On Terror", where some theorists believe zombies are symbolic of Islam and/or Islamic terrorists who aren't as concerned with their own well-being as they are concerned with killing others not like them (i.e. infidels), or ...


The short answer is: No. My opinion of it though is: The Villain "Poppy" is obviously not a sane person. I think the director was taking a soft stab at vegans in general as being "wacky" people. Watch Scott Pilgrim vs the World... There is a character that gains superpowers from claiming veganism.


Rogue has serious problems controlling any power she absorbs. It pretty much always goes awry. In this case, she made her own hands attract the handles because she was not able to not activate Magneto's absorbed power.


I noticed this recently in a rewatch of this film. Given that editors will argue over every second in a film, I don't accept an answer of, "Doesn't matter, probably doesn't mean anything" particularly given how out of place it is thematically from the rest of the intro/montage. A much more plausible answer is that, particularly at the time, that ...


I always felt the gift box in the picking machine was a foreshadowing of what is gonna come next. But for the casket show's art director revealed it themselves (from sportskeeda): The show’s art director Chae Kyung Sun revealed she thought of the design as the maker of the games, saying: “I think I focused on the mind of the person who came up with the ...


Welles is commissioning a movie about Kane which is a thinly veiled reference to William Randolph Hearst who, through his ownership of a media empire was incredibly powerful in Hollywood and California (if not the United States). He was considered untouchable due to his ability to cause damage to his detractors careers and prospects, The movie was not going ...


"am I just making more out of it than there is to it?" Yes. You are reading modern identity politics into a movie that came along well before that. I think Max just uses "white" as shorthand for "WASP." His victims are upper class, respectable people, who happen to also be Caucasian. If there's anything racial about it, it's ...


Or John doe is wrath (hence the killings) and Mills wife is envy (envying life outside the city when she wants to keep the baby/wants a "better" life). More consistent with all the other killings

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