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I'm a big fan of movie promos that used to be shown on TV. They were five to ten minutes or so, and gave the stars and director a chance to tell us how this was the best piece of art they ever been in . . . or something like that. Networks would broadcast them when a movie ran short, so if a ninety minute movie with John Wayne ran 1:50 with commercials, a ...


The reasons were mostly: The actors pays were very high. Rachel wanted to go into the movies and wanted to stop acting in a TV Show.

3 reported on this in an article back in 2015. The statistics were culled from major North American sports teams. The amount of revenue generated by major North American sports team from the selling of media rights (TV, radio, internet, etc.) is projected to surpass the amount of revenue generated from ticket sales in 2018, according to ...


According to Wikipedia, the show was renewed for a second season last month.

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