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Just seen the movie second time. My guess is, that as everything on the world is balanced, if there was a good guy, John, than there was also a similar bad guy, the "Antichrist". They had to die the same time.


Was Jakob cured? The whole film purposes a lot questions and is full of supposition about the natire of Villa and the stones themselves, most of which are left for the viewer to interpret, except for the idea that Verena's body was able house the spirit or consciousness of Malvina and transforms into her by the film's end. Ghost of Lilia: He will not ...


Roy face is visible just at the end of the scream and for less than a second you can see he is the one who is screaming.


There was a clear winner. In the background, as Adrian is trying to get to him, and they come together, you can hear the ring announcer saying that there was a split decision (the judges not all agreeing on the outcome), and then you see Apollo celebrating his win. But the fact that it's all background shows that the win or loss has become secondary to all ...


Netflix UK/Ireland has posted tweets that it was an alternate version that existed and was supplied to them by mistake. Their claim is: Things you should know… – we did not edit the notebook – an alternate version exists and was supplied to us – we are getting to the bottom of it asap – apparently some films have more than one ending?! ...

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