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They used a crane. It wouldn't have been a zoom because they didn't have zoom lenses at the time. And you can tell the difference between a zoom and a dolly in by the way the image moves. If it looks like we're moving towards the subject through the space on screen, like in this shot, then it's a dolly in. If it looks like the subject is moving at us ...


No it was not real, because director Alejandro G. Iñárritu says that there were no animals harmed during the making of the film, and he went far out of his way to mention that.


Actually both answers are partially wrong and partially right. Burlinson definitely did not perform all of his own stunts; however, he has confirmed that the scene of him riding down the cliff was done by him. But it looks like it was also done by a stunt man, named Gerald Egan. From wikipedia: Tom Burlinson has confirmed that it was definitely him who ...


Unfortunately, this is wrong. My wife (who had a brief role in the second film) is from Mansfield, Vic. (the nearest town) and is certain that a local (Gerald Egan) performed the famous downhill ride. A lot of well-known local horsemen were included in the film, uncredited.

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