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The Avengers (UK series 1961-9) Created as a star vehicle for Ian Hendry, who played Dr David Keel, who fought crime assisted by his enigmatic partner, John Steed. After the first season, Hendry quit. Steed was promoted to lead character, assisted by Cathy Gale, then Emma Peel, then Tara King. (And a couple of forgettable short-timers)


from my own comment. I think this may be the closest it's actually possible to discover. The chances of this being potentially possible must be balanced against how much the film would need a bit-part actor of extensive experience & therefore decent commandable price so much that they would pay to ship them from the US to Germany for what was likely only ...


IMDB Full cast According to IMDB Full cast page - there is no Ellen Corby in the cast. IMDB Ellen Corby And, according to Ellen Corbys IMDB page, She was not in the film.

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