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Do the Chris Nolan Batman movies have a unique Gotham accent?

I can't find any specific references from the actors about how they chose their accents, but it definitely sounds to me like it's supposed to be somewhere between a New York and Chicago accent (so, ...
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Why doesn't Sardo Numspa pronounce the letter J?

It is a quirk of the character for Eddie Murphy to goof on. As you point out, Eddie Murphy's character riffs on this little verbal idiosyncrasy, played for laughs. It's a way for the character to ...
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How much Cantonese and Mandarin is in Everything Everywhere all at Once?

For anyone wondering, I went to the cinema to watch it, and while I was able to follow and did enjoy it, it was incredibly frustrating not knowing what was being said for large portions of the film. I ...
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Does Louise have a choice to change things, or why did she say this?

As explained here: Arrival depicts a virtual universe like a DVD that all exists and can be accessed at random. For example, Banks accesses future events to learn the key phrase needed to avert the ...
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What does "missed the wedge" mean?

I didn't try chase all the examples down in the movie itself, but according to the script at Smiley is established as being in the habit of ...
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Why does Mike Wazowski correct Randall's insult of 'cretin' to 'Cretan'?

There is one other possibility I can think of: Assume Randall meant cretin and pronounced it the British way. Assume Mike thinks Randall is referring to Cretans. Mike is correcting Randall for ...
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