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in the next Avengers Thanos bashes hulk and it's a reverse of what he just went through because he ends up not being able to turn into hulk as apposed to previously when he was stuck as hulk, all Thanos wanted in that whole movie was to watch the sun go down. Might have something to do with it.


Mike is pointing out to Billy that he knows Billy has no backup at that location, as the standard protocol is only to have one agent on the service elevator. Mike has him cold. It's a way to try and ensure that Billy, who currently believes Mike tried to kill the President for the Russians, cooperates with Mike's intentions without causing a ruckus.


There are two different questions in your question. 1. Why did Will trade his medal for wine? The answer to this is clearly given by Will. Will: I didn't lose mine. Blake: What happens to it then? Will: Why do you care? Blake: Why do you not? Will: I swapped it with a French Captain. Blake: Swapped it?! Will: Uh-huh! ...


Will earned his medal fighting in the Somme, over a million men were killed or wounded during the fight making it one of the bloodiest battle in human history [Wikipedia entry]. Medals are often prized by soldiers but he comments that "its just a bit of tin". To him the medal is meaningless, he doesn't take pride in being a part of that battle and would ...


Who says they're scared? This is a common type of question / expression. It's just a way of saying "Who would say that about themselves?" In other words, it's not something that one would admit normally and so the asker is questioning who would admit to that.


The pregnancy Howard is talking about in 1970 couldn't be Tony. First, in the MCU, Tony is older. In Iron Man 2 when Tony is watching the old reel to reel movies of his dad rehearsing the "1974" Stark Expo, young Tony appears in the movie and takes a prop off the table behind Howard. Tony is at least 8 years old.This would make him born at least 1966. So, I ...


Yes, it is a war joke, just like this one. Why Berlin? Because it was the capital city.


The Polish version of 'don't look a gift horse in the mouth' is 'don't check the teeth of a horse you received as a gift' ("darowanemu koniowi w zęby się nie zagląda") (source). Similarly, devil's advocate seems to be the same thing in Polish. And, as far as I know, these idioms don't appear in the English translations. Unless someone read the books in ...


I think the lines represent the juxtaposition of character. The entire movie is about how honorable, selfless, and heroic Sawyer is. One way to drive this home is to have 'outside normal people' question the heroic actions he takes. It's 'utterly unthinkable' to these 'normal people' that someone would face certain death for their loved one. That makes what ...


The very first line on this page says it all: Film Review A Cadillac screeching around Sunset Boulevard. Barefoot hippies in rainbow crochet stealing pickles out of dumpsters. Cliff recognized Pussycat as one of those hippies.


'I do not want to get into it tonight' This is reference to a cliched protest users of LSD and similar hallucinogens (including Cannabis) often make with regards to any unnecessary stress or activities they are expected to perform under the influence - "Hey. I am doing the best I can under the circumstances". Those circumstances being of course Cliff's drug ...


I believe that the "they" she refers to in that situation was the news people who were reporting on the attacks; not the tethered. She was commenting on the fact that the news was reporting these random attacks, but the news didn't mention anything about the people who were attacking looking like those who were being attacked.


This is an english language understanding problem. Rick in this case does not want to get into a discussion/argument about the thing he’s doing the best he can under the circumstances. I haven’t seen the film and don’t know the context of this scene. But it seems Rick is stressed out and doesn’t want to talk/fight about whatever it is.


I will answer with a joke. A duke came back from a long trip. On a way to home he ask his steward what happened when he was gone. - Nothing - says steward. - Really nothing? - well, the dog died. - The dog? Why? - He eaten spoiled meat - Why and where did he found spoiled meat? - From dead horses. - What dead horses? - The one that died after the ...


H-bomb discussion was analogous with Teddy's mind of the state. As stated in the dialogue: Billings - Ah! that's funny. Other bombs explode, right? but not the hydrogen bomb. It implodes. It implodes creating an explosion to the thousandth, the millionth degree. (in a louder voice and it resounds). He was the H-bomb here, imploding from inside and ...

2 Whelm is an olde Englyshe verb meaning "to cover" or "overturn". It has fallen out of use in modern linguistics.


It's an abbreviated sentence. What he's trying to say is... I can't get the drinks out fast enough to satisfy the demand. Essentially he's saying that the place is incredibly successful.


I saw this question asked on the English SE (reproduced accepted answer below as a quote) which indicates that "Whelm" is simply no longer in use. In terms of Young Justice, it's likely meant as a joke/throwaway line to draw attention to an oddity of language rather than anything majorly significant. Whelm is labeled as "archaic" in NOAD, as it has ...

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