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He first appears in the episode "Oceans Three and a Half" when Peter turns on Three and a Half Men, which begins with the line "Three and a Half Men was filmed in front of a live ostrich." After a lame joke, the ostrich is shown laughing as the lone audience member. He appears in several later episodes, reprising his role ...


I believe this has very little to do with Donald Trump. It is more in line with the Clinton and Obama era Trump is pulling the US and the world back from the brink of disaster. He has shown backbone against the Megalomaniacs in China, Russia, North Korea, and the Middle East


The CCA logo was on almost all the comics so probably it's just a wink to the older viewers of the movie who will recognize the logo almost immediately. However, there is a more obscure reference: The authority banned horror and monster books, keeping those characters out of the Marvel universe for quite awhile. They also banned depictions of drug use ...

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