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Why does Robin Williams have a dark beard in the poster?

As you can see from the publicity shot below, his beard, at the time the photo was taken, is very much the same colour as you see in the rest of the film. It's not uncommon for images to be altered ...
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What happened with Ros?

In season 3's episode "The Climb" Littlefinger discovers that she is a spy for Varys. As a result he gives her to Joffrey as a gift, he proceeds to shoot her with his crossbow. Warning ...
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How was Forrest Gump inducted into the military despite being a bit mentally challenged?

The law stack exchange covers testing entry requirements for the army. The army conducts an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, and a minimum score of 31 is required to join. This is ...
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In The Rookie, who is Nolan's secret dalliance? Can't tell because of my face blindness

Lucy Chen From a recap The rookies went out for beers after shift and a waitress kept eyeing up Nolan. She eventually left him her number and it looked like they’d gone home together. However, it ...
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Who killed Summer in "Reptile", and how is the witness's description of the killer having a limp relevant?

who killed Summer? It's never said. One of this movie's many "mysteries"1. Reptile it is a film – by narrative choice – full of details and clues which, combined, (should?) lead to the ...
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Is the villain in Disney's Princess and the Frog a doctor, and what is he a doctor of?

Tiana is openly contemptuous of him styling himself as 'Doctor' Facilier. The only thing she did notice was Dr. Facilier's place. She always walked a little faster when she passed his shop. As far as ...
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