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Just to sum it up: The Marvel Malekith has first appeared in 1984 in Thor #344. The Warhammer Malekith was first mentioned in the High Elves Army book in 1992, but he wasn't fully fleshed until 1995, when the Dark Elves Army book came out. As previously mentioned, his name is composed from the latin/spanish "Mal" - bad, evil; and old English/...


Dr. Strange might’ve been breaking the 4th wall referencing how Thanos used to be cgi in the post credit scenes.


As an aside, even though the name is fictional "th" is actually common in Old Norse, despite the claims of a previous poster who is probably thinking of modern Nordic languages in Scandinavia (though not for instance Iceland which still features the sound). Thor was in fact pronounced much like the Modern Standard English form albeit with a ...


Strucker was a target for imprisonment, probably for interrogation, and it's likely that the soldiers are just that: soldiers. The Avengers aren't blood thirsty killers, they're heroes who are willing to do what has to be done. Tony Stark, however, is well known for being impulsive, and has no qualms with killing people who he thinks deserve it. In the first ...

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