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Other ways of getting in/out of Wakanda?

No. Wakanda can also be reached by water. In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, K'uk'ulkan / Namor and the Talokanil were able to enter Wakanda undetected by swimming or riding aquatic creatures through ...
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Why doesn't Loki revert to his true form while in the TVA?

During the time of adoption, Odin changed Loki's look entirely to look more like an Asgardian rather than a Frost Giant by touching him. Although Loki still can return back to his Frost Giant look, if ...
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Are there live-action filming restrictions that prevent the Netflix Marvel Universe characters from appearing in Disney+ shows?

No. Charlie Cox, who played Matt Murdock on Netflix Daredevil, reprised his role as Matt Murdock in the MCU film Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), and as Matt Murdock and Daredevil in the MCU Disney+ TV ...

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