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After a lot of research, I found out Barry's top speed. In S6, Gideon tells Barry that ultraviolet light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles/second, and that the current Barry is 80 times slower than that, so we can do the math and check it out: 186,000 miles/sec/80 = 2,325 miles/sec (Barry's top speed) This converts to: 2,325 miles/s = 8,370,000 miles/hr = ...


Time Remnant is nothing but a copy of yourself. What happens is that the speedster runs back in time and asks himself to go to a fixed point in time when he is needed and thus becomes a time remnant. The original one takes his place so that the timeline remains intact therefore like in the example of Barry is S2 before he went to the place where zoom and he ...


According to me, Devoe didn't use luck when Flash was in his mind because when he takes the ability of a Meta, the source of the ability could have been stored in his brain but not in the subconscious part of the brain. Therefore he can use his abilities only physically not mentally.


I think what happened was that Barry traveled a short time back in past, asked his past self to go to the exact time needed and then he replaced him. So the timeline remains intact and there are two flashes (One from the past and one who took the place of the past one, therefore, having 2 copies of himself. And about Eobard Thawne, when Eddie Thawne killed ...

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