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Unconfirmed but I believe that these are (via Den of Geek): Stripe Robot (rear) Luke Wilson will play Courtney's stepfather, crimefighting partner, and former superhero sidekick Pat Dugan, the pilot of the STRIPE robot. Here's the official character description... “Pat Dugan once went by the less-than-inspired superhero name of Stripesy, ...


Pt1. Super Girls S05E09 Pt2. Batwoman S01E09 Pt3. The Flash S06E09 Pt4. Arrow S08E08 Pt5. Legends ot Tomorrow S05E0 You're welcome 😁


In the Arrowverse newest crossover they were depicted as alternate earth in the multiverse, not the same reality as the Flash, Arrow on other CW shows.


Well, in S2 episode 2 they talk about intell from Roy Harper, so that should solvev it.


Earth 38: Supergirl Might be a nod to the debut of Superman (1938) as mentioned in another answer. Earth 16: Future Oliver The debut episode of future Oliver was in Legends of Tomorrow during first season (2016) Earth-99: Future evil Batman Might be a nod to DCAU (Batman Beyond premiered in 1999) Earth-75 Dead Superman Issue #75 when Doomsday killed ...


After watching the crisis episodes, IMO I guess you have to definitely watch Arrow and maybe Flash and Supergirl. ARROW: (Important to watch) The final season deals with the build-up to the crisis event and also throughout the season hints at It also explains more about the crisis' effects and about the Monitor and so this season of Arrow is important ...

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