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So I want to know how much should I know from Arrowverse before jumping into Batwoman? At present, Batwoman has no crossover or involvement with the rest of the Arrowverse that you need to catch up on although watching the original "pilot" which was the "Elseworlds" crossover episodes in December 2018 which introduced that character might be useful but it's ...


I believe the quote you are referencing is: "Tell us a story," said the March Hare. "Yes, please do," pled Alice, and so the Dormouse began "Once upon a time, there were 3 little sisters. That being the case, Alice/Beth is Kate's sister but Mary Hamilton (played by Nicole Kang) is their step-sister being the daughter of Jacob Kane's second wife, ...


For Russian word for Hood is Капюшо́н (Capuchon) which is not far from Kapiushon, which is also the title of S05E17. Also, Anatoly uses it to refer it to Oliver who is also used to be called hood. The same episode was titled Kapot first which also means "hood" or "a car hood". Капюшо́н seems like a more accurate word for English word Hood.

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