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Barry Allen traveled two times to the past in order to get help from Eobard Thawne: Once for having help to defeat Zoom during the season 2. Once, with Barry's future daughter, Nora West-Allen, for getting help to defeat Cicada in the season 5. Thanks to these events (which happened at the same time, within the secret room), Eobard understood that it will ...


There can be two explanation for it: Caitlin used the term loosely this time. Like in comics metahuman term is not limited to meta created by single method but used for anyone with powers. Kryptonian powers are also meta in nature and work similarly so can be copied by the same method. Also all the version of A.M.A.Z.O. I have seen adopted before had no ...


Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash, is the archenemy of the Flash. The TV show can never get rid of him entirely for this reason - they need someone who can challenge Barry step for step, and Thawne is pretty much the only real candidate. Barry fears Thawne for a number of reasons: Thawne killed his mother. Thawne has a greater level of experience using ...


Most probably because Eobard Thawne killed Harrison Wells too early and took over the identity that Harrison Wells got no chance to bear a child. Also, there is no Harrison Wells in earth 38 mentioned yet or Supergirl in earth 1 etc etc. So it seems every earth don't have the same person's doppelganger.

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