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Another movie adaptation. In the book Goblet of Fire, both schools are co-ed, having both girls and boys. They only brought those students from their schools who were eligible to enter the tournament i.e those aged 17 and over. Gabrielle was not there until the second task in the lake.


Based on a lot of pictures from the movies, the scarves don't have an emblem. Additionally there are two versions of the scarves (but both without emblem). PURE SPECULATION AHEAD: I guess the emblem was added on the merchandise for the not so hardcore fans so they can better distinguish the scarves. Another possibility why the emblems were added is the ...


I am currently rereading the novels after watching The Fantastic Beasts movies and noticed that the first answer is wrong. First of all, Voldemort didn’t kill Harry because he inadvertently made a backup of Harry by taking his blood in Goblet of Fire. That is why Dumbledore told Snape to tell Harry that it is very important that Voldemort, and only Voldemort ...

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