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Some tidbits from personal experience. I was born 1958 and lived in a small village in Sweden at the time. There were no commercials in state television channels TV1 and TV2. Commercials in TV started to be seen with the introduction of TV3 around 1990 although it took quite a while before most people could see the channel. Commercials were shown prior to ...


I don't know if that's the case in Sweden, but in Spain there weren't commercial channels until the 1990s and there have always been (and are) commercials in the public, government-owned channels. We have cinema advertising, too.


What could explain this? Did they really have commercials in movie theaters? Is that where these were exclusively shown? That seems very odd to me somehow, but I guess it's the only possible explanation? Either that, or I've grossly misunderstood everything about Sweden's history. Yes! It's been done since 1922 according to Filmstaden(Swedish link) In fact ...


A "Husmors Filmer" (see Youtube video title) is a "Housewife Film" (and trademarked at the time) and "yes," apparently women attended matinees where such films were featured. They seem to have been a little more than mere advertisements though: they appear to have been couched more in a form like a Food Network, HDTV or How It's ...

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