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Remastering a video is done by getting the original analog film and scanning it in at least 2K resolution, but most often in 4K, sometimes in 8K. A new digital scan in such high quality is later edited to remove any damages done to the analog film, with some color restoration and correction also added in the process. This can only be done to an analog film. ...


Yeah, they use random side effects in order to provoke fear - they used the same sound in most of the Godzilla moves as well as in the Pacific Rim. It’s a regular sound used in nearly all monster movies including in one scene of the monsters in “A Quiet a Place” and many more movies having screeching monsters or alien invasions as well. I believe Alien ...


I am not 100% sure if there is actual significant to it, but I know a lot of the sounds are recycled. Sometimes permanently and sometimes due to lazy production. For example, Mothra’s screeching sound is actually the sound of Anguirus’ roar sped up.

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