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According to Wiki, Unimatrix Zero Part 2(S7,EP1) plays around Stardate 54014.4. The following EP2 plays around Stardate 54058.6 which is more than 2 weeks later. Initially, they designed and build the Delta Flyer from scratch in approximately less than a week under the pressure of the Malon also building a shuttle to steal Voyagers probe. While they don’t ...


I asked for information on this subject at the Trek BBS site: This is supposed to be a list of all shots of the Enterprise, specifying which of the models were used:


I can't find any information on the specific prop (source: These Are The Voyages: Vol 3 by Marc Cushman) but my understanding is that the shots of the Enterprise used in the opening credits, orbiting planets etc were done using a much larger model. The prop in question appears too small for close up work on film and was likely made for the episode or pre-...


Control is not the only "non-organic" entity in the canon. This season, you've also seen the sphere (whose data was passed to Discovery), another similar "singularity-like" entity. The timeline doesn't match up for Control to be the origin of the Borg (as commented by Memor-X-). It's not impossible for this to be retconned (e.g. if Control get access to ...

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