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How are some scenes for movies shot especially for iPhone viewing?

It is all about the framing - what will fit in a shot when it is eventually shown in a streaming or BluRay/DVD format, or indeed before that, a non-IMAX cinema. As I don't have any access to examples ...
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How does Regal's RPX format compare with IMAX?

I think it's understandable that this would be confusing. Hopefully we can get it sorted out here. Exhibitor-Branded Premium Large Formats Regal's RPX is what the industry refers to as a "premium ...
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Is the scene with Romilly different between the IMAX and DVD/BluRay releases of Interstellar?

No, I am sure that did not happen in any version of the film. But I can't do more than offer you my word of having seen it in the cinema twice and never remembering such a scene. Neither is it ...
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Does IMAX have it's own type of 70mm film?

I was told the IMAX 70mm 15perf film is simply a regular 70mm film turned sideways. Is this true? Yes, this is true. A film strip is just a ribbon of celluloid with light sensitive chemicals on it. ...
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IMAX ratio on 16:9 TVs

Here's a comparison: Red is 16:9 like an HD television. Blue is 1.9:1 like IMAX. Green is 2.39:1 which is what it was filmed at and what the Blu-ray DVD is displayed at. So for 1.9:1 you'd have some ...
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Why the apparent lack of IMAX 3D releases for Justice League?

It has been released in IMAX 3D outside of the US, but not in the US. This is easy to see on the official IMAX site: In Europe all IMAX screenings are 3D, in ...
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Which is technically visually of higher quality - 70mm without IMAX or IMAX without 70mm?

See here. Slate did a good breakdown on resolutions. To directly answer your question: IMAX Laser = 4k horizontal resolution, 1.43:1 aspect IMAX Xenon = 2K horizontal resolution, 1.9:1 aspect ...
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Why are not all IMAX theaters domed?

Domed IMAX theaters are OMNIMAX theaters. Most Imax films aren't Omnimax films, so there's no need for Omnimax theaters. Proper Omnimax films are filmed with a special camera with a fish-eye lens. ...
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When watching a movie (Dune 2) in an IMAX recently I noticed a static texture that remained as the image panned - what is that?

Based on the current comments and the reviews that @blobbymcblobby found I think the most likely explanation is that the screen was dirty and poorly maintained, so genuinely did have a texture on it. ...
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Is 70mm really necessary? Wouldn't it work with 35mm too?

Number 3 is the big point. Yes, a full-frame camera and an APS-C camera both take pictures with a high signal-to-noise ratio on a sunny day in good light. That's not when and where most stuff is ...
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Why the apparent lack of IMAX 3D releases for Justice League?

Yes, it has been released in IMAX 3-D. I am pretty sure that you can go to websites like bookmyshow and check the movie timings by clicking at the English-3D and switching it to IMAX-3D.
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Why is classic IMAX not digital?

I read David Breashears book High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places which talks quite a bit about the making of Everest (1998) and his path to learning to embrace and ...
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