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How are some scenes for movies shot especially for iPhone viewing?

It is all about the framing - what will fit in a shot when it is eventually shown in a streaming or BluRay/DVD format, or indeed before that, a non-IMAX cinema. As I don't have any access to examples ...
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How did bombing Safin's island fix the nano-bot problem?

Nanobots are not indestructible. The problem is that their human host is not indestructible, either. In most sci-fi, nanobots are microscopic machines capable of self-replication. I think No Time To ...
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How does Bond's radio survive the EMP?

When Q gives Bond the watch, he offers some caveat about the EMP only working on something like wired systems -- apparently it doesn't radiate a pulse, but induces an overwhelming current in whatever ...
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Did the writers forget the poison from Ernst Blofeld's birthday party in No Time To Die?

The virus is coded to specific targets This is what makes the virus such an effective weapon: it can be "programmed" to only kill specific targets. But it's not like a computer whose ...
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How did bombing Safin's island fix the nano-bot problem?

The nanobots can be programmed to attack certain genetic markers. They will only harm people with those markers. Everyone else is unaffected. All the nanobots in the base were unprogrammed, with the ...
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