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How does Regal's RPX format compare with IMAX?

I think it's understandable that this would be confusing. Hopefully we can get it sorted out here. Exhibitor-Branded Premium Large Formats Regal's RPX is what the industry refers to as a "premium ...
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How could a projectionist destroy an old black and white film accidentally?

Set it on fire Perhaps from a lit cigarette. Old film stock was nitrate based... Nitrate film base was the first transparent flexible plasticized base commercially available, thanks to celluloid ...
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How could a projectionist destroy an old black and white film accidentally?

I have been a projectionist for over 20 years, so hopefully can help to answer your question. You don't say what period you are setting your story in as that has a bit of an impact on exactly how the ...
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Spiral-projectors / holograms (?) - how do they work? (as seen in Gambinos SNL performance)

This thread on Reddit somewhat explains the effect: A very clever use of the camera frame rate, rolling shutter, and a CMOS censor, combined with timed projection. You would only be able to see ...
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Which is technically visually of higher quality - 70mm without IMAX or IMAX without 70mm?

See here. Slate did a good breakdown on resolutions. To directly answer your question: IMAX Laser = 4k horizontal resolution, 1.43:1 aspect IMAX Xenon = 2K horizontal resolution, 1.9:1 aspect ...
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Advantage of Ethernet over other display interfaces in projection

The connection between Doremi server and Christies projector is (at least in the cinemas I know), not by Ethernet, but by external PCIe. Other installations/hardware generations may differ. The ...
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How necessary is a rotating shutter?

Each frame is held in place for 1/24th of a second. The rotating shutter is there to prevent the blur that occurs when the film is advanced. This video explains it all very well, and shows what ...
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When watching a movie (Dune 2) in an IMAX recently I noticed a static texture that remained as the image panned - what is that?

Based on the current comments and the reviews that @blobbymcblobby found I think the most likely explanation is that the screen was dirty and poorly maintained, so genuinely did have a texture on it. ...
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Can analog outperform digital?

Analogue projectors don't have a resolution. It's entirely dependent on the size and grain of the film. In general, raw analogue film has a much higher "resolution" than digital formats. [IMAX ...
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How could a projectionist destroy an old black and white film accidentally?

Lighting it on fire would be one option, but certainly a dramatic option! I'm not sure how much of a "splash" you'd be trying to make. Other ways to ruin film come to mind: Spill a drink (maybe a ...
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