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Did the writers forget the poison from Ernst Blofeld's birthday party in No Time To Die?

Before the interrogation scene with Blofeld a huge deal is made out of the woman applying the Heracles robot poison to her wrist, and James Bond then grabbing her wrist. I'm assuming to make us think &...
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How did bombing Safin's island fix the nano-bot problem?

In the end of No Time To Die, James Bond has to open the bay doors so that MI6 can bomb inside Safin's island and destroy the deadly nano-bots. My question is: How did this help? Maybe I'm missing ...
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How does Bond's radio survive the EMP?

In No Time To Die, Q gives Bond a special watch that emits an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) that destroys electronics. At one point, Bond uses the watch to kill a villain by making his electronic eye ...
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How much of No Time to Die is actually shot in ScreenX format?

My local cinema has a couple of ScreenX theaters where No Time to Die is showing. But this article says that only some parts of the film extend to the side walls: "No Time To Die" in ...
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How are some scenes for movies shot especially for iPhone viewing?

In his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rami Malek discusses how certain scenes in No Time to Die (2021) were shot especially for the IMAX version. But he also mentioned that some are also shot ...
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