There are two explanations: There is a dead angle that the cameras cannot see, when Ki-taek escapes, he knows exactly where the dead zones are so that he does not escape to the outside, instead he goes back into the basement. It is not clear if Ki-taek really does manage to escape as what happens after the murders at the house party is not necessarily the ...


VERTICAL SOCIAL MOBILITY (or the Indonesian vertical farm haha) So 'Al freír de los huevos lo verá' is a Spanish maxim utilised by Miguel de Cervantes which means 'You will see (the result) when the eggs are fried (at the end)' in his book Don Quixote (Part I, Chapter XXXVII)? Yes! The Platform portrays (read: criticises?) (sorta) the Indonesian vertical ...


The painting from the movie is a Hollywood version of a well known painting by Modigliani in real life. Culturally, it is acceptable and common to hang well known classical art work in a professional office. The director of the film, Andy Muschietti, was inspired by an actual childhood fear he had.


Well, for one, the 10k bundle Saul gives to Mike is the one he uses in the scheme to detect where the money is hidden, so that one is back in the bag. The remaining 20k I assume is money Saul has earned in the past weeks and/or previous savings.


Considering the rather lowbrow humour of the Austin Powers franchise, I'd say this is almost certainly a "pee" joke. As a matter of fact, real-life astronauts wear special diapers under their spacesuits, so they can go to the bathroom without soiling them or having to take them off. As a side-note, P2 is the chemical formula for diphosphorus, but I doubt ...


In this film, the events that happen in the present do not alter the timeline in any way. I'm only referring to where the movie begins and not the previous timelines. Dark Fate is set in a timeline that is a result of Terminator 1 and Terminator 2. The movies that came after T2 can be completely ignored. So, in Dark Fate, we have this one timeline that has ...


Dean killing Death was an accident, which is why he looks so shocked. He meant to decapitate his brother, but missed and accidentally hit Death who unwisely happened to be standing in the path of the scythe. The scythe looks pretty heavy and Dean's probably never handled one before, so it makes sense that his swing would be off. It looks like his depth ...


If you pause at 48:23, you can see the killer. See the pic attached.

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