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How do the other crew members know the xenomorph is "big", if they haven't seen it?

Note that the scene where Brett is taken has some significant alterations in the DC compared to the Theatrical Cut, as described in this Wikia: Immediately after Brett is taken, the theatrical ...
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Why was this part in S08E21 "Angry Andy", deleted from all platforms, even YouTube?

A possible partial answer... Can you remember where or how you saw the version with the part that you say is missing? I ask as there is the Producers Cut version of the episode, which is an extended ...
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Was there a deleted scene or missing footage from Goldeneye involving a car?

According to the DVD commentary (via Wikipedia) the Z3 does not have much screen time and none of the gadgets are used, which Martin Campbell attributed to the deal with BMW coming in the last stages ...
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Was there a deleted scene or missing footage from Goldeneye involving a car?

It is shown later in the movie at about 1h 34m when Bond and his female companion are meeting Wade, the CIA agent who is in the airplane that overflies them. Later, Wade gets in the car and drives off,...
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How realistic is this cut scene from Godfather 2 where Klingman is assaulted in his own casino?

Is this "realistic" in a "real world" context, probably not, but there are factors in the movie which help explain what is going on. Firstly, Klingman is not in fact the owner, he ...
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