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Detonating over Severnaya ensures that only they have control of the 2nd satellite. If it had been left intact, the military would be able to use it to change codes and lock them out at will, possibly even without the launch keys. After the initial heist, there's no way Russia could rebuild the facility from the EMP blast in time to prevent a second ...


As far as we know...(at least initially) For the money Certainly Ourumov's motivations are vague at best and there is little clue in the movie itself. The only comment in this direction is when Trevelyan says to him when questioned about Trevelyan's origins.... "What's true is that in 48 hours, you and I will have more money than God" Whether ...


It is shown later in the movie at about 1h34m when Bond and his female companion are meeting Wade the CIA agent who in the the airplane that overflies them. Later Wade get in the car and drives off and they use the plane to track down the villains base. There is no deleted scene according to any online source with the missiles being used.


Alec's plan is basically a robbery (ala Goldfinger, one of many plot elements that are updates to traditional Bond themes), they are robbing an (unnamed) set of companies /banks/stock exchange etc via Boris's hacking ability, the Goldeneye is to be used at the end to destroy evidence of what they've done. The hit on Sevrenaya is to steal the Goldeneye, only ...

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