In movies such as One Last Dance,

We see:

  • Time stamp: 0:01, a pair of hands being washed off blood, this pair of hands opening up is transitioned from a bullet blown up someone's brain (but this video clip does not show this shooting part)
  • Time stamp: 0:08, Water dropping into a kitchen sink which transitions into a spinning car wheel

It is common for a movie director to use this kind of transitioning technique, either by sound or by visual. I am wondering if there is a terminology for it?

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These transitions are called match(ed) dissolves or match cuts.

Lexico.com definition of a 'match dissolve' is

A technique by which one picture merges into another having the same or a similar object in the same place; an example of this.

As pointed out by the Wikipedia article on match cuts, an iconic example is the transition used in 2001: A Space Odyssey, where a bone spinning around in the air transitions into a space ship:

A famous example of a match dissolve in Kubrick's 2001

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