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What company produced and owns The Lorax?

I've been looking around the internet and I've come across a very confusing dilemma. Did Walt Disney Productions produce The Lorax, or did Universal? (By way of Illumination Entertainment) The Lorax (...
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How is the name of the O'Hare delivery guy spelled?

At the end of The Lorax movie, there's the song "Let It Grow". The delivery guy starts off the song with this: You don't know me, but my name's Cy, I'm just the ...
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Reference for Lorax 35-day calendar

My daughter is still in love with The Lorax (2012), although (luckily for me) we don't watch it as often as we used to. Today we had it on TV, when I realized there was a calendar Ted's room, and I ...
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What is the timeline of The Lorax? Why don't the older townspeople remember the trees?

My daughter is obsessed with The Lorax (2012), so I've watched a few times in the past week, and there's one thing that bugs me: what is the age of the characters of the movie? And in particular, the ...
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Have any directors gone on record explaining why they chose to cast a famous musician in a musical film and not have them sing?

Taylor Swift stars in The Lorax, and Idina Menzel appears in a major role in Enchanted. These are two of the most famous musicians in the world, and they are starring in musical films without singing. ...
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