My daughter is still in love with The Lorax (2012), although (luckily for me) we don't watch it as often as we used to. Today we had it on TV, when I realized there was a calendar Ted's room, and I thought it could help me identify the timeline of the movie (related question)... silly me, I thought it would help me, instead it left me even more puzzled:

Image from The Lorax

Here's a detail of the calendar where you can see a month of October with 35 (or 34-and-a-half) days:

Lorax's Calendar detail

I thought it could be a homage to The Lorax or a different Dr. Seuss' work, but I didn't find any reference in the book about this long October; and searching online I only get information about two types of calendars that don't look related to this one: the 5-Week Leap Month Calendar and the Bonavian Calendar.

Is this 35-days month based on any of Dr. Seuss' stories? Or is it a cross reference to a different book/movie?

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    Fascinating detail! The 12 1/2th of October? WOT? Too funny. – user1118321 Feb 17 '17 at 2:47

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