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Producer Vs Executive Producer

It is has always been confusing to me, and I believe that I have the right to be confused. In Arabic, we refer to the Executive Producer as the one who executes what the main producer wants. In ...
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What company produced and owns The Lorax?

I've been looking around the internet and I've come across a very confusing dilemma. Did Walt Disney Productions produce The Lorax, or did Universal? (By way of Illumination Entertainment) The Lorax (...
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Who chooses the Music Supervisor or Composer for a movie production In any new movie production process, who selects the music supervisor or composer of their new film? Is it the Director, the Producer(s) or a joint decision ...
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Who was the youngest Executive Producer?

I was reading an article from Deadline stating that the teenage Stranger Things actor, Gaten Matarazzo will executive produce a new 'hidden-camera prank' TV series for Netflix. Gaten Matarazzo is 16 ...
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How did Gary Barber work his way up?

I am curious how Gary Barber, the well-known moneyman and producer for films such as "True Romance", "Skyfall" and "The Hobbit", worked his way up from being an accountant in South Africa. It seems ...
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What does a movie producer do?

I'm curious about what role the producer plays in the production of a movie. I understand that it's the person in charge, but that's all I know. What are the responsibilities of a movie producer?
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Why does America's Got Talent have so many executive producers?

I was watching America's Got Talent last night, and during the opening credits was struck by the number of executive producers listed. It seems to grow longer each year. They are (from the official ...
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