Does anybody remember the first scene when he killed teddy? How it happened while he met Teddy again and the film ended with Teddy is dead?


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Ok abdelaziz, I' not sure if you've grasped the concept of Memento...

As funny as your frantic panic is, I think I'd better explain....

The film is in reverse order, so the start is the end and vice-versa.

Each 'segment' begins just before the preceding one. So although we see Teddy die at the start, he is actually dying at the end of the films chronology.

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    Wow, great diagram (even if the specific bullet points are a bit hard to read, but that's SE's fault, I guess). I think to have heard that the DVD editions feature an entirely ascending chronological order for the whole movie (starting with the b/w phone calls and ending with Teddy's death). While that somehow defeats a large part of Memento's effect, it might still be an interesting view opening further insights.
    – Napoleon Wilson
    Commented Feb 4, 2014 at 14:30

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