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Is the 8th Doctor really half-human on his mother's side?
11 votes

The 8th Doctor is indeed half human and canon at the same time. The movie is now generally considered canon, and its star - actor Paul McGann - as one of the eleven actors to officially play the ...

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Why are bikes on bus?
Accepted answer
8 votes

In most cities if not all, a great number of buses have bike racks for two bikes. Your clip showing a bus with two bikes on it is simply a way in keeping with maintaining authenticity as Wait has ...

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Which serial killer is noted to have the most kills in movie & TV history?
7 votes

Jason Voorhees the serial killer from series of Friday The 13th movies seems to fit the bill here. With a total of 12/13 villain movies stretching from 1981 to the present and having believed to have ...

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Outbreak climax explanation
2 votes

In a fictional movie like Outbreak, it seems to divert from the reality that a subordinate officer can relieve and arrest his commanding officer! But if Ford received an illegal order from McClintock,...

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What type of law is this?
1 votes

Barry Lyndon is a movie that took place in 18th century England. "By the early Victorian era, duelling had already been illegal throughout the British Empire, and most of Europe, for about two ...

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