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4 votes
2 answers

Why did Barry Lyndon intentionally shoot to the ground?

In the end of Stanley Kubrick's 1975 film Barry Lyndon, the protagonist is in duel with his stepson, whom he hates. When Barry has a very good chance of killing his opponent, however he intentionally ...
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1 answer

Lattice in Barry lyndon

When Barry meets Captain Feeney at an Inn in Kubrick's movie, there's a wooden lattice hanging on the side. Does anyone know what it is for?
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2 votes
1 answer

What are the reasons for Barry's downfall?

In the 1975 Stanley Kubrick film Barry Lyndon, the main character Redmond Barry ascends the social ladder to transform himself from a countryside farmer to a member of the aristocracy. During his ...
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What type of law is this?

In Barry Lyndon (1975), if a person commits mistake on another person, then both person were given a gun, then point the gun towards each other and then shoot. This type of law was used two times in ...
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