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Questions asking for the movie/TV-show which uses the most amount of a certain story-characteristic or film-technique.

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Story / Myth / Legend with most film adaptations?

There are a large number of adaptations of Robin Hood, with (I think) at least 40 being films. Speaking of full-length feature films only (no TV, shorts, etc), is the Robin Hood myth the most adapted ...
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Which criminal investigation TV series has the highest number of episodes based on actual criminal cases? [closed]

What TV crime solving series like Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, NCIS, Law & Order, Criminal Intent, etc. has the highest number of episodes based (however loosely) on actual criminal investigations ...
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8 votes
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Which serial killer is noted to have the most kills in movie & TV history?

After revisiting the seasons of Dexter, I asked myself, "How many individuals has he killed in all 8 seasons?" According to this list he has an "impressive" kill count of 135. After seeing this I ...
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What's the record for highest number of biographies on a single person?

I recently realized that so far there have been 4 movies about Steve Jobs' life, however ridiculous that might be, it made me wonder if there was another person that has enjoyed the same amount of ...
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What is the most remade movie story?

The current movie industry seems to be engaged in an orgy of remakes to reduce the risk of funding completely new scripts. We have had a recent remake of Total Recall and are about to get a remake of ...
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What is the sweariest movie ever?

I recently re-watched the Samuel L Jackson vehicle 51st State where he is also surrounded by some very sweary British actors (like Robert Carlyle). So I expected a lot of profanity. Obviously Jackson ...
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What is the most repeated programme on British telly?

Asked in The Guardian's Notes & Queries: I notice Channel 4 is again screening the Christmassy Ted episode of Father Ted. Which episode of a TV series (as opposed to one-offs such as The ...
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