No. The movie was always going to be set in North Korea. But originally it was about Kim Jong-Il. In a New York Times interview dated 12/16/2014, Seth Rogen said: The idea was around for a long time. The first script was about Kim Jong-il [Mr. Kim’s father] The threats and hack happened after the movie was finished (so there would be no reason to explore ...


Though my girlfriend disagrees, I am fairly confident this is reference to Salò, the 120 Days of Sodom (1975), an Italian art film that depicts characters eating feces. Here's a YouTube link to the specific scene.


The film has been accused of being racist because it uses Racism as part of its arsenal of gags: but, what is key here, is that the characters using this racism are (whilst protagonists) not supposed to be likable. What is key here is that we are laughing at them because of their racism, not along with their racism. The film does not in any way defend ...

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