It's not a joke as such. This is a goddamn waste of time. There's no way he can land this plane! Route 'em into Lake Michigan and at least avoid killing innocent people! Quite simply Kramer is saying that since the plane can't be landed it will crash and the safest place to do that is into a giant lake rather than into the ground or a built up area, like ...


I will not go into much detail (where on what episode and how many times). It was mentioned in Season 5 Episode 6, Abduction of Mayor Houlihan. Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce: [about Flagg's plan] Why stop there? Why don't we just drop an atomic bomb. Colonel Flagg: Hey, don't try to make friends with me. Just from this exchange you can see ...


"Get" here means to have ghosts around you, or inhabiting your house. A more common phrase that uses it the same way is "if you keep food lying out you might get bugs in your house". "Too close to being one himself" is a joking way of saying that he's old, and thus is soon to be a ghost himself (when he dies of old age).


The SS officer is saying/shouting a bunch of short one liners/commands in that scene: Von oben bis unten, wird alles durchsucht! Jeder Baum! Macht schon, macht schon Von oben, unten Kommt schon Weiter! Schneller! Macht auf! Weiter, weiter, weiter! [schwer zu verstehen, in etwa: Los!] Auf den kaputten Panzer drauf! Zweiter und dritter Zug! [Haltegeste] [...


I just rewatched the scene. The bartender says: Huevon! Which according to Urban Dictionary means extremely lazy or stupid person in Mexican Spanish. He could be calling the character in the story stupid for treating the guitar case like a girl.


The themes of this movie are two primary things: The new Replicants are what he original Replicants were meant to be - emotionless and obedient; and this movie explores the inevitability of emotional growth in the Replicants The "Child" - which acts as both a threat to the existing system, and a potential catalyst for change. So firstly, the Child acts as ...


The first aside goes thusly Buscemi: It was as if the lights dimmed... just for him. Tavo: Esto huele cargado (Literally: This smells loaded) A better translation is This smells like bullshit. I believe @Luciano correctly answered the second part.


When the Bowery King says they will honor the excommunicado he is saying that they agree to adhere to the terms, much like when someone agrees to honor the terms of a contract. In the case of the excommunicado it means they agree to supply no assistance to John Wick.


I'd interpret this as a simple metaphor. The first transmitter on his leg was a decoy; he knew that once they found it, they wouldn't think to look for any more transmitters, and so he was able to smuggle the real transmitter past them. He showed them one tooth (the fake transmitter), and while they were distracted by it, he bit them with the other tooth (...

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