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The joke is that the Principal is saying his name has "no relation" to the body part. He is constantly attempting to clarify that his last name is "not a joke" and that it's a real, "possibly Scandanavian" last name.


When people who have the same (or similar) name as someone famous introduce themselves, they will often get questions as to whether they're related. Think if an American was named Richard Clinton, or Travis Trump. After a while they will anticipate these questions, and as part of their self-introduction just state flat-out that they aren't related to that ...


You misheard The actual quote is: We call him Joe College. This is because Michael is the more educated brother and attended Dartmouth College before enlisting in the Marines. It's something of a put-down by Sonny as though Michael is different from the rest of the family. An earlier version of the script (which had to be revised when Brando wasn't ...


He uses the word "filthy" Oh, he's Romanian. And he has done good, but mostly for Mr. Homolka. Shut up, you filthy... Filthy what? Read more:


I always understood it as a reference to "not being a pussy". Thus he is saying his name is not a reference to his character.


It could also be a nod to Die Hard's Agent Johnson and Special Agent Johnson. AJ: I'm Agent Johnson AJ: And this is Special Agent Johnson AJ: ... No relation The joke there is they have the same surname but they're clearly of different ethnicity. But in relation to Rick and Morty, Johnson is American slang for penis.


For Russian word for Hood is Капюшо́н (Capuchon) which is not far from Kapiushon, which is also the title of S05E17. Also, Anatoly uses it to refer it to Oliver who is also used to be called hood. The same episode was titled Kapot first which also means "hood" or "a car hood". Капюшо́н seems like a more accurate word for English word Hood.


Roy face is visible just at the end of the scream and for less than a second you can see he is the one who is screaming.


Interesting question. Had never heard the expressions before. I agree with JoJo, “Double blank” is just something you say to exaggerate that you really got nothing left at all." Like double-zeroes. But thought I'd share the results of the hunt anyway. Wiktionary - "(dominoes) A domino without points on both of its divisions. - the double blank." In a ...


To me, having grown up with a TV in the 90's (for good reason: moved to USA for learning the language and culture), this phrase was an instant reference to Tiny Toon Adventures cartoon series, where two major characters - Buster and Babs Bunny (sometimes with Bugs Bunny in the loop) - always introduced themselves with a "No relation!" disclaimer.

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