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Why didn't they make series for Tom and Jerry from the start?

Every Tom and Jerry episode is self-contained. But why didn't they make continuous series from the start?
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Why doesn't Spike know Jerry in Puttin' On the Dog?

These two Tom and Jerry episodes were consecutive: The Bodyguard was released on July 22, 1944. Puttin' On the Dog was released about 3 months later on October 28, 1944. The plots are also related. ...
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Is Jerry's face inspired by the kitten in The Milky Way?

I opened a Wikipedia article and as it's seen from the cover photo the brown kitten whose eyes are closed looks very much like Jerry from Tom and Jerry. The same facial patterns, the same eyebrows, ...
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Why do Tom and Jerry wave their hands vertically?

When Tom and Jerry want to say goodbye to another characters (including themselves) they always wave their hands vertically instead of horizontally. Why do they do it in that way? Here's a picture ...
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Meaning / interpretation of weird Tom & Jerry scene?

In this scene from Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry we see some weird stuff. Below a few screenshots to help locate it: I can't understand what's happening in this scene. How to interpret this ...
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What does the coin flipping before dying mean?

In Tom and Jerry, Episode 34 - Kitty Foiled (1948), Tom thinks he got shot and starts dying, but just before he finishes dying, Tom starts flipping a coin, you can see this in the video below: ...
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How called episode of Tom & Jerry about mice that survived after nuclear war? [closed]

I believe it was episode of Tom & Jerry. Can't find it. There was episode where old mouse was talking to little mice behind school desks. He was describing war: humans had long trunks... There was ...
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What was the reason behind no more new episodes for Tom and Jerry? [closed]

What happened to the most loved cartoon Tom & Jerry, why did the production of new episodes stop suddenly? Does anyone know the real reason?
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Music from old Tom & Jerry episode [closed]

I've searched for the names of the pieces from this episode: for a couple of times in the past and accumulated quite a few hours trying to find out the names of ...
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Did Tom ever catch Jerry?

Tom and Jerry have been playing the Chase Game for a long time, but I never recall Tom actually ending it. I do recall Tom eating Jerry, but I can't recall any moment when Tom successfully ate Jerry. ...
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