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What does "Still tastes o'the head" mean?

In the Lighthouse, Thomas Wake offers a drink to Thomas Howard: Thomas Wake: Still tastes o'the head? Ah, find some chirk in ye, lad. Now is the time for gab and chatter. What does "Still ...
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What's the significance of this seagull with missing eye?

This one seagull appeared in numerous scenes: Howard makes his way to the door with the wheelbarrow. Same bird stands in front of that door, guarding it. Same bird starts tapping on the window of ...
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What do the tentacles signify in the movie "The Lighthouse"?

In The Lighthouse, when Ephraim Winslow ascends to the lighthouse and tries to see what exactly is at the top, he sees a tentacle slithering on the surface. Then again, in one of the fight scenes, one ...
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Interior of lighthouses in Shutter Island and The Lighthouse

In Shutter Island (2010) there is a lighthouse. Although the location of the exterior is explained in standard movie location websites, I could not find an explanation for the interior having an ...
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