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Why is Michael Burry's assistant shown working at a convenience store stocking Red Bull?

In The Big Short, Michael Burry has a recurring assistant character throughout the movie. As his firm continues to lose money, the staff dwindles until only the assistant character is left. He asks ...
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Why did the banks sell credit default swaps to Michael Burry in The Big Short?

In The Big Short there's a scene where Michael Burry shorts the housing market by going to different banks and buying insurance from them. After he leaves, we see the bank employees making fun of him ...
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How was Ben Rickert able to secure an ISDA agreement?

In The Big Short, the Ben Rickert character, played by Brad Pitt, helps a small hedge fund secure an ISDA agreements with institutional banks so the small fund can start trading credit default swaps. ...
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Why did they change character names in The Big Short?

I have been studying this stack post: Did The Big Short movie change names or conflate characters? It was a great movie, and after reading the book, I wondered why the name changes in the movie?? In ...
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Why was "The Big Short" shot in the comedy genre?

The Big Short movie is all about serious things: The 2008 financial crisis (which banks blamed the bad things on immigrants, the poor, and even teachers) mortgage-backed securities ISDA agreement ...
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CDO Manager in The Big Short?

I recently watched The Big Short and had some trouble understanding the whole CDO Manager thing.. Who was that guy? I didn't understand what they were talking about and how did Mark conclude that the ...
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Why do the characters in The Big Short talk directly to camera?

See here: Margot Robbie is speaking to camera explaining some arcane financial instrument. But the Big Short isn't a documentary. And there are several other scenes where people talk directly to ...
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Did The Big Short movie change names or conflate characters?

The movie The Big Short is based on the true story of the 2008 financial crisis as told by Michael Lewis in his book of the same name. The movie does a very good job of telling a story full of ...
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