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An imaginary wall behind the camera which indicates the separation between the setting of the film or TV show and the audience. It may be "broken" for humorous effect.

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Is "breaking the 4th wall" a thing in animations too?

There are some examples in which animated characters look directly at the viewer with or without quotes. Can we call these "breaking the 4th wall" while the characters are non-living? Some ...
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Blood on the lens

I've noticed a trend recently where, in a particularly violent scene, blood will end up on the lens of the camera. It's not restricted to blood; it could be water, if it's a particularly stormy scene, ...
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How aware are the Phineas and Ferb characters that they're in a TV show?

Phineas & Ferb characters are shown breaking the 4th wall with surprising regularity... at least, that I've encountered in watching random episodes on YouTube. For instance, in Meapless in Seattle,...
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Is there an industry term that describes the degree to which a body of work breaks the 4th wall?

There are shows and movies that habitually break the 4th wall, like The Office and Deadpool. And then, there're other shows like House of Cards that only do so casually. Is there a term that ...
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Are there any Indian movies which contain breaking the fourth wall?

India produces the second most movies after Hollywood. So does the trope of breaking the fourth wall exist in Indian movies?
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Why do the characters in The Big Short talk directly to camera?

See here: Margot Robbie is speaking to camera explaining some arcane financial instrument. But the Big Short isn't a documentary. And there are several other scenes where people talk directly to ...
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Was Bugs Bunny always The Animator?

In the frankly cinematic masterpiece that is the 1953 short film Duck Amuck, the titular Daffy Duck is tortured by an unseen artist, the implied hand of god of a film/cartoon known as the animator. ...
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Is there any information if Deadpool will break the fourth wall in the 2016 film?

In the comic book, Deadpool is self-aware of his existence as a comic book character and often breaks the fourth wall. Will they do this in the upcoming film, too? Is there any evidence or secured ...
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Does time stop when the fourth wall is broken?

Throughout the first, second, and newly third season of House of Cards, produced under Netflix, protagonist Francis Underwood often "breaks the fourth wall" and speaks directly to the audience rather ...
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Can Product Placement in Movies break the 4th Wall?

Alrighty. I noticed when watching Red Planet the other day, that there is advertising on the suits worn by the ground crew that travels to the Martian Surface... In that shot, you can see Toshiba, ...
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The origin of the loss of the Fourth Wall?

"The Fourth Wall", for the uninitiated, is the wall that separates the movie from the audience, allowing the audience to be spectators to the events depicted. Famously, the Fourth Wall was demolished ...
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