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A 2015 sci-fi film about a robot named Chappie with human emotions

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Do District 9 and Chappie take place in the same universe?

Spoilers ahead for District 9 and Chappie. In the movie Chappie, the largest corporate entity, responsible for manufacturing the titular robot, as well as the Moose, and many other weapons, is ...
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Is the orange coat guy getting killed a reference to South Park's Kenny?

In an early scene of the movie Chappie (2015) there's this part in which a guy gets shot. It's noticeable that this is the first, and perhaps only, person that gets killed. As he falls down it's very ...
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What do the 2 different labels on Chappie mean?

When they first decommission Chappie a label which reads "Crush" is applied onto its torso. Then further on in the movie we see a second label on its head which reads "Reject". It was determined by ...
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How did the media know the name of the robot?

I watched Chappie yesterday and had the following question: TV News showed a footage of Chappie aiding criminals. Then they urged viewers to call authorities in case they see Chappie in their ...
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