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2009's South African film by director Neill Blomkamp about the struggles of an extraterrestrial race who live in slum-like conditions and their clashes with the mankind.

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Why was District 9 alien ship stuck for so long?

The alien ship appears to be stranded and inoperable for the 20 years it hangs over Johannesburg. Early on we are shown that a small vessel had detached from the ship and disappeared. Approaching the ...
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Do District 9 and Chappie take place in the same universe?

Spoilers ahead for District 9 and Chappie. In the movie Chappie, the largest corporate entity, responsible for manufacturing the titular robot, as well as the Moose, and many other weapons, is ...
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What were stopping Aliens from attacking with those advanced weaponry?

Talking about District-9 From wiki In an alternative 1982, an alien ship has inexplicably stopped over Johannesburg. When investigation teams enter the ship, they discover a population of sick ...
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Who/what was controlling the killer robot before Wikus got in?

Was it the kid? If it was, it was never clear, unless I missed something.
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Did the fuel transform Wikus, or was it something else?

In the movie District 9, Wikus van der Merwe goes through a transformation into an alien after being exposed to an alien artifact. Throughout the development of the story, it is revealed that the ...
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District 9 - References to Apartheid

How far can the character Wikus be related to that of Biko, and his role to abolish apartheid? I've recently realized the similar phonetics of the name, so it rang a bell and the question immediately ...
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