Peter is the special guest actor in S4:E3 of modern Doctor Who, alongside David Tennant's Doctor. He of course also took that titular role himself, after Matt Smith. There's a fun moment where the two grasp hands which is fun in hindsight.

Have other actors played both The Doctor and appeared in the show in other roles, either before or after their time as Doctor?

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    He may be the only Doctor (can't answer that with certainty), but Karen Gillan did also feature as a non-Amy-Pond character in the same episode that non-Doctor Capaldi appeared.
    – Flater
    Mar 25, 2020 at 23:59
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    Also, he played Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth (I know its not Doctor Who, but still the Whoniverse). And I believe Eve Myles (who plays Gwen Cooper) has done a role in Doctor Who (as well as Gwen in a crossover), and Naoki Mori (Torchwood's Toshiko Sato) played a different character in Doctor Who, though this was retconned as an alias.
    – user25730
    Mar 26, 2020 at 0:26
  • Can you elaborate on any research you have already done to find an answer?
    – Longshanks
    Mar 26, 2020 at 10:23
  • Tom Baker played a very mysterious security guard in the 50th anniversary...
    – Kitkat
    Mar 30, 2020 at 19:37
  • If you look up an actor on IMDb, you get a list of what roles that actor played in each series. Apr 1, 2020 at 18:35

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As I remember, Colin Baker was a Time Lord, Commander Maxil, in "Arc of Infinity" in 1983, and was the the 6th Doctor in 1984 to 1986.


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