The "Crisis on Infinity Earths" event has introduced so many Earths to the Arrowverse. But do the numbers have any significance? Some obvious ones:

Earth-666: Lucifer's earth [666 = Devil]
Earth-66: Based on the old '66 Batman year (1966)
Earth-89: Tim Burton's Batman year (1989)
Earth-90: The old Flash show year (1990)

What about the others?

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Earth 38: Supergirl

Might be a nod to the debut of Superman (1938) as mentioned in another answer.

Earth 16: Future Oliver

The debut episode of future Oliver was in Legends of Tomorrow during first season (2016)

Earth-99: Future evil Batman

Might be a nod to DCAU (Batman Beyond premiered in 1999)

Earth-75 Dead Superman

Issue #75 when Doomsday killed Superman.

Earth-167 Smallville

The number 167 is a nod to the show's producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar both being born in 1967. source

Earth-96 Brandon Routh Superman

Must be a reference to Kingdom Come (1996)

Earth 203 Bird of Prey

Birds of Prey (TV series) ended on 2003


Based on comics and numbered similarly

Earth-18 Active Lazarus pit

In comics, it was wild west earth. We only see Jonah Hex (Not part of comics earth 18) who is a western hero.



Earth 9: DC Universe's Titans

Black Lightning and Nash Wells/Pariah earth is not numbered


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