Can someone please explain to me the SnnEnn (season and episode indices) of the new Crisis on Infinite Earths episodes and how they fit into other DC universe serials?

I've been recording and for several weeks and plan to binge-watch them over a weekend (in sequence) but now I'm tasked with figuring out how Crisis on Infinite Earths fits into it all.

For example: At what point do I view Batwoman S01E09 (Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two)? Before or after Crisis on Infinite Earths S01E01?¹ Am I simply to discard the plot points of the first two in favor of the crossover series?

¹ I freely admit that I have been hopelessly lost in the whole multiverse concept from day one. Personally, I prefer to be interested in the fictional character's storyline and follow it through the ups and downs.


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First thing first there is no Crisis on Infinite Earths S01E01? As it's not a different show but a crossover of five existing Arrowverse showa with some extra additions.

First Crisis on Infinite Earths is not limited to The Flash and Batwoman and if you don't know other shows you might end up getting confused. Also, Crisis on Infinite Earths is 5 episodes (6 if you count Black Lightning S03E09) but only three episodes are out yet.

Also, you need to know about the previous crossover Elseworlds where we got to know about Monitor and what he wants.

It takes place after Arrow S08E07, The Flash S06E08, Batwoman S01E08, Supergirl S05E08 and Legends of Tomorrow Season 4. The whole of Arrow S08 is used as the buildup for Crisis and The Flash also to an extent.

Main Crisis events in the chronology are:

  1. Supergirl S05E08 (Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One)

  2. Batwoman S01E09 (Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two)

  3. The Flash S06E08 (Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three)

After that Arrow S08E08 and Legends of Tomorrow will come on January 14.

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Pt1. Super Girls S05E09

Pt2. Batwoman S01E09

Pt3. The Flash S06E09

Pt4. Arrow S08E08

Pt5. Legends ot Tomorrow S05E0

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