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Shame (2011) is a British drama film directed by Steve McQueen. It stars Michael Fassbender as Brandon Sullivan, Carey Mulligan as Sissy Sullivan and Nicole Beharie as Marianne. The film revolves around Brandon, a sex addict, whose life changes when his troubled sister Sissy comes to stay with him.

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What is the 'bad place' the protagonists come from in Shame?

In Shame, Sissy tells Brandon We're not bad people. We just come from a bad place. I assumed that this bad place may have meant they were abused as children by their parents, which led to Brandon'...
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What is Brandon's sexual orientation in Shame?

In Shame, Brandon is a sex addict. He scores prostitutes, random strangers, co-workers, etc. Eventually, he is denied entry in a club and then goes to (another?) club and hooks up with a man. Does ...
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Train scene in the movie "Shame"

My question is about a scene in the movie Shame starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan directed by Steve McQueen. Train Scene 1: In the beginning of the movie, Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is ...
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Why was Brandon denied entry to the night club?

Near the end of the movie Shame, Brandon tries to enter a night club (or something), and is denied entry by the bouncer who says: Not tonight. I said, not tonight. What establishment was he trying ...
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