Near the end of the movie Shame, Brandon tries to enter a night club (or something), and is denied entry by the bouncer who says:

Not tonight.

I said, not tonight.

What establishment was he trying to enter? And why was he denied entry?

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What establishment was he trying to enter?

The name of the club was "Score":

enter image description here

Going by the urban dictionary definition and Brandon's choices before and after the bouncer's refusal of entry, I have a feeling it was a sex club.

And why was he denied entry?

This answer was not was clear. Brandon was trying to sneak past him so I would guess he'd been there before. It seems to me whatever moral or legal "rules" he'd broken previously, the Bouncer enforced his suspension.

  • It was not, as far as I can tell, a sex club. That is also not the reason he was denied entry, at least according to the screenplay.
    – Valorum
    Dec 16, 2023 at 15:39

In the script we see Brandon taking a punch to the face only a short time before. He's described as having had his...

face smashed against the sidewalk.

...he's been crying and is...

aimless and bleeding[.]

He attempts to sneak past the bouncer into the 'lively bar' with his (bruised) face hidden, but gets noticed. The bouncer, rightly, assumes that he's been in a fight and isn't the sort of person they want in their nightclub.


A lively bar; a couple of HOT GIRLS entering

BRANDON considers, goes to enter, barred by BOUNCERS, who point him back along the cue

He stands in line

Across the street, a THICK SET GUY eyes him. He stands smoking outside a heaving bar. BRANDON looks away

A GANG OF GIRLS pass, The BOUNCERS let them in with ease. BRANDON reaches for his iPhone, tries to cover his face with his phone to get into the club

BOUNCER Woah! Not tonight, buddy.

BRANDON tries to get in again

The BOUNCER stops him a second time

BOUNCER (CONT’D) I said not tonight.

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