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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a 2017 production, sci-fi, horror film, starring Mila Jovovich. It is the sixth instalment of the Resident Evil film series. It is considered to be the final part of the series.

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Why is Claire not in the ending with Alice?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ends with Alice releasing the anti-virus into the atmosphere and it will take several years for the Antivirus to spread in the Whole World, As she turns the Red queen ...
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How is Alice still alive at the end of "Resident Evil 6"?

It was mentioned that Alice binds with the T-virus at a cellular level. However, at the end of the movie it's said that the antivirus kills only T-virus but leaves the healthy cells. It should kill ...
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Resident Evil Film Series [closed]

I am really a die hard fan of Resident Evil film series. I watched all series recently to get exact know-how of the plot of series and it seemed to be in a progressive and fluent way.. But there are ...
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The stuntman that died on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

There was a stuntman who dies on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Ricardo Cornelius, 34, died on Dec. 3 from injuries sustained when a Hummer used in the film reportedly toppled and ...
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Why does Dr. Isaac point his finger to the bible in the meeting?

In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Dr. Isaac points his finger to the bible in the meeting and says these words: It's been done once before with great success. Why does he do that?
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Why did Alice give an empty gun to Doc?

In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016), why did Alice give an empty gun to Doc? There is a scene where Doctor Isaacs reveals that Doc is a clone and working for the Umbrella Corp., but Alice ...
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In Resident Evil movie, was the T-Virus intentionally released?

Can you please solve this confusion? In "RE: Apocalypse", the spread of the virus was unintended and Umbrella wanted to cover this crisis so the U.S government sanitized the whole city with a ...
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Who made the T-Virus of Resident evil, Dr. James Marcus or Dr. Charles Ashford?

There are some contradictory things in "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" that don't match the previous series: In "RE: Apocalypse"- we saw that the T-Virus was originated by a Level 6 Umbrella ...