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The first episode of a TV show. Usually produced independently to sell a new show to a network.

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Why is the first episode of a TV show called 'Pilot'?

What is the meaning of the word 'Pilot', as used for the first episode of a TV-show, implied here? Does it have anything to do with a smooth take-off?
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What happens to unaired or one time only aired pilots?

Television pilots are made every year and not all of them get picked up for a season or series. What happens to the pilot then? Does it get stored somewhere? Who holds the rights to it?
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Is "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" really the first episode?

Sorry if my question is a silly one. I wasn't even born when the first ever Simpsons episode was aired. I am watching them from the beginning but I'm wondering was there any shows before the S1E01 - "...
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Was Tony the Boss of the family in the Sopranos pilot?

I just watched the pilot of the Sopranos. In the pilot there is no mention of Jackie Aprile who is the boss of the family. There is also a scene where Junior Soprano snaps at Tony "You may run North ...
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Why are pilot episodes often unaired?

I frequently watch TV series on DVD and very often I see the "Unaired Pilot" episode advertised (most recently Supernatural). I understand these are the test episodes which will be given to the ...
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Why do TV networks air pilot episodes?

Why do TV networks air pilot episodes of a series that has already aired a first episode? Why do they call it a pilot episode? Irrespective of the result (good or bad ratings) of the pilot episode, ...
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