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2012 American thriller with Tom Cruise as the eponymous protagonist investigating in a case of sniper murders in Pittsburgh. Based on the novel One Shot by Lee Child.

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Why does Jack Reacher roll into position at the shooting range?

Jack Reacher (Cruise) goes to a shooting range, hoping to discover who associated with the accused. The range is run by Mr Cash (Duvall), who is reluctant to reveal anything to a stranger. Cash ...
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Where were the shootings done from in Jack Reacher?

In Jack Reacher, based off of the Lee Child novel, One Shot, one of the key threads Reacher pulls on that convinces him of Barr's innocence is that shooting from the parking garage was an incredibly ...
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Can military police arrest civilians on US soil?

In the movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Jack Reacher has a sheriff arrested by military police because this sheriff is possibly involved human trafficking. Can military police arrest a civilian on ...
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What happens with Barr?

I am a little bit confused with the ending of Jack Reacher. Maybe my TV station did cut off something at the end? So the police arrives at the Quarry, bodies everywhere, Helen all alone. Then, she ...
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Why do the police suspect Jack Reacher for Sandy's murder?

Why does Jack go to the place where Sandy is killed (outside her apartment?)? Why does he show up there just after the police arrives? And why do the police suspect him? I have watched the movie ...
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How did Charlie get Barr Finger prints?

According to Jack Reacher, Charlie killed 4 people with a sniper rifle and before doing it he drops a penny at a parking ticket machine, so the cops got the finger print which matches the Barr's. How ...
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Who is actually the sniper?

I recently watched Jack Reacher. I'm little confused about the real killer of the 5 people in the movie. Who did it? Is it Jack?
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Why did Jack Reacher ask Sandy to write down the address when it is made clear he has a photographic memory?

In the scene in the auto parts store where Jack confronts Sandy, he asks her to write down the name of the guy who hired her (Jeb?). However at several points in the movie they make a specific point ...
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Why did Werner Herzog play Zec?

While watching Jack Reacher I realized that Werner Herzog was playing the role of Zec. But why would such a famous arthouse director (whom I remember of not being particularly fond of mainstream ...
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Random bystanders helping Reacher out

During the Camaro Chevelle chase scene, Reacher simply walks out of his moving car and joins a crowd waiting for a bus (or possibly a tram) while the police converge on the still moving vehicle. Why ...
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Are the comedic elements in the film Jack Reacher evident in the novels on which it was based?

Having seen Jack Reacher, and not having read any of the Lee Child books upon which the film was based, I was surprised by the amount of humor in the film. These elements reached their nadir with a ...
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Have there been other candidates to play Jack Reacher?

First, let me emphasize that this is not about the highly subjective question whether or not Tom Cruise should play Jack Reacher. Lee Child's novel One Shot is being turned into a movie. Tom Cruise ...
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